Containerized Media Filter System

  • Stand-alone infrastructure to deliver clean water.
  • Fully integrated, mobile with and without solar platforms bring water pumping and purification solutions to diverse applications, including agriculture, development and security.
  • Turns dirty, contaminated water into clean safe healthy drinking water. These highly mobile water decontamination and purification units are designed for many years of service in harsh conditions.
  • Provide clean drinking water for thousands. Perfect for remote locations, disaster relief, military operations, and others.
  • It can be designed to meet World Health Organization (WHO) drinking water standards.

Key Features

  • Water purification system that meets WHO (World Health Organization)/EPA guidelines for clean drinking water
  • Purification from freshwater
  • Fully integrated and operational on-site in less than a day (Plug & Play)
  • Feed water and Power source (External Generator)
  • Highly transportable to area of greatest need, re-deployable to areas of emerging demand and scalable to meet demands of volume
  • 10 year estimated life and low maintenance

Water Production, Throughput & Performance

Containerized Units of Different Water Production, Throughput and Performance

What is the capacity?

167 Liters per Minute (44 GPM)

What affects the amount of water produced?

Pump pressure, water temperature and amount of sediments trapped by the carbon and sediment media filters.

What is the minimum pressure for back flushing of the pre-filters?

20 psi

What is the pressure of the product water?

Less than 20 psi

Is there any pressure metering within the unit?

No, but there is flow monitoring

How does the automatic back flushing cycle start?

This is pre-programmed into the valve heads of the carbon and sediment media filters.


Key Operational Requirement

  • Diesel Generator – 5 KW
  • Pump Specification -1.5 HP, 230V/50Hz/ 3Ph
  • Ground preparation – Should be flat surface area for the containers.
  • Tank size and specification and floater switch – Pump feed flow is 44GPM, Feed tank and Permeate tanks should be sized accordingly. Should be of Food Grade Material –e.g. polyethylene.
  • Any cage is required to protect the unit – No
  • Other attachments needed –Tank and Power Source

Optional Power Generator

Solar Power

Wind Power

Fossil Fuel Power