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The water purification system removes contamination from the raw water (water source) and making it suitable for human consumption or other specific purpose.

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Clean Water Providers

Removal of substance will include but not be limited to the following: minerals, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, etc.

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Ameripure has a close cooperative relationship with well recognized water purification preferred supplier ...

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AMERIPURE mission is to provide safe water solutions for an existing or crisis situations using a proven and rapid deployment of Water Purification Systems through innovative technology, engineering, and custom design to build systems.


AMERIPURE is a leading supplier specializes in procuring, distributing and installation of water purification systems and drinking water technologies powered by conventional electric power generation or green clean energy. We sell and install standard water purification systems, reverse osmosis water treatment systems, brackish water reverse osmosis systems, seawater desalination systems, and related parts.

We are equipped to deliver and deploy our various type of water purification systems to number of areas such as Disaster Areas, Military Bases, Remote Areas, Neighborhoods, schools and hospitals.

The company is based in California, USA with Middle East offices in Dubai-UAE and Erbil Kurdistan of Iraq. We supply and systems and products, which are in compliance with ISO 9001 Certification, NSF Independently Certified, and Made in USA.